Friday, December 3, 2010


I guess its quite a time already since my last post...cant write much as right after i managed to "escape" officially from kyuem,i 've gone travelling around KL.But since i'm back,i guess it leave me no excuses to skip my writing activities.i've got lot of stuff to write and things to say in my head,but none of them yet to be treasured in the form of writings.Anyway,just wanna share ya some books that i had bought in KL:

1)Muhammad Asad,The Principles of State and Government in Islam(first published on 1961)
2)Zeenath Kausar,Islam and Nationalism: An Analysis of the Views of Azad, Iqbal and Mawdudi [ Second Revised Edition], Kaula Lumpur, Thinker's Library, 2007.
3)the muslim contribution to science,editted by DR.M.Iqbal,

i guess that's it for now..May Allah bless us all..  :)

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